88/89 Saita STS Dambatta Tsoffin Maza sun Kafa Kwamitin Mai Kula da Maza 10

88/89 Saita STS Dambatta Tsoffin Maza sun Kafa Kwamitin Mai Kula da Maza 10


The Staff Training School (STS) Dambatta Old Boys Association, class of 88/89 has constitute a 10-man committee that would run its affairs before going into electoral process that would provides elected executive officers of the association.

The committee was set up at the end of the association's general meeting held at Kano ADP's head office on Saturday May 15, 2021 with majority of the STS Dambatta old students in attendance, where a number of vital issues were siscussed before inaugurating the caretaker committee.

In his remarks, the chairman of the caretaker committee, Malam Rufa'i Basheer popularly called "Rupees, disclosed that, "We havecome up with an idea of forming this association in order to establish a medium that would be a good channel to our unity and helping one another like what we are witnessing from other old students associations in the world.

"This is a nice foresight by those who put heads together in bringing back the association to life," he emphasized.

Malam Rufa'i Basheer called on the old students of STS Dambatta class of 88/89 who are alive to join the train because there are so many benefits of togetherness even after leaving schools.

He assured that they would do everything genuine to ensure that the association remains an exemplary medium for its members.

At the end of the meeting, a prayers was conducted for those who died after the graduation and to those who are sick as a tradition whenever such gatherings take place.

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